Things to do in La Paz, Baja

Hostal en La Paz

Malecón en la ciudad de La Paz Baja México

if you are visiting La Paz, here are some options so you can stay busy and enjoy your vacation in the capital of the state of Baja California Sur. As for attractions  we have the best beaches in Mexico, Quiet and warm waters in the "largest aquarium in the world" the sea of Cortes, breathtaking routes through the desert and spectacular oasis full of life.


Not everything is nature, the Malecon of La Paz, in downtown is one of the main attractions, a very spacious place, full of life, restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and crafts, it is also the ideal point to enjoy beautiful sunsets by the sea.



As part of our services we offer daily activities in and out of our facilities, our intention is to make of your stay a unique experience and your visit to La Paz the best holiday.

Beach Espíritu Santo island

Espíritu Santo Island

Visit stunning natural sites and swim with wild sea lions in their natural habitat

Playa Balandra La Paz, Mèxico

Balandra Beach

Mushroom Rock at Balandra Beach it's considered a symbol and the beach is one of the most beautiful in México

Guided Tour

Guided 6 hour tour, all inclusive.

just bring your beer.

Public bus

Round trip from terminal de autobuses on La Paz Malecón.

swimming with whale shark La Paz

Whale Shark Snorkeling

To swim with Whale Sharks in La Paz, is one of the most popular activities, this is the largest fish in the world and only feeds with plakton at La Paz Bay.

sea kayaking La Paz

Kayaking La Paz

The practice of sea kayaking in La Paz Bay, will bring you to stunning scenarios, warm and clear waters, beautiful beaches and mangrove estuaries full of life.

Guided Tour

Guided 2-3 hour tour. snorkeling gear and drinks included

Guided Tour

3 hour guided tour, includes kayak orientation, drinks and snacks

Snorkel en Isla Espíritu Santo Baja California Sur

Sea of Cortes is the aquarium of the world (Jacques Cousteau) so dive in it´s warm and clear waters, Scuba Diving in La Paz.

Scuba Diving in La Paz Baja Sur
Que hacer en La Paz, Baja

Downtown La Paz is full of history and great places to relax and discover Mexican culture

La Paz Baja California Sur

When we travel, we try to use our time the best way to discover and learn about the destination or at least to visit the major attractions offered. La Paz is a city that deserves more than one visit in life as it has an endless list of activities we can practice and places we can visit. 

Among the must-see is find the beaches of La Paz, of which the most popular are The Coromuel, El Tesoro, Pichilingue, Balandra and El Tecolote; each contain natural beauty, biological diversity, local leyends and pirate stories. 

Whale Museum La Paz Baja California Sur

Whale Museum La Paz Baja Sur

Art Craft Market La Paz, Mèxico

Art Craft Market, La Paz.

Coromuel Beach

Snorkeling in the sea of Cortes

In your next visit you will want to use your time in La Paz the best you can, that’s why we have for you the next chart with the most popular activities and the best time of the year to practice them.






























Scuba Diving


























Whale Shark




















































SUP Stand up Paddle













Sand Boarding













Wind Surf













Kite Surf







































Baja California Sur, México and the world are full of interesting places with lots of options for life time adventures, here there are some recommendations from our backpackers network in México and America.

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